Pilot Tango

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Please give 48 hours notice or earliest possible. We will revert as soon as possible. The pilotage is only confirmed, when you receive a confirmation from Pilot Tango

Company Information

Pilot Tango ApS

Kirkeby Sand 1

5771 Stenstrup 


CVR: 43610651

P: +45 75 770 770

E: info@pilottango.dk

W: www.pilottango.dk


Reg: 2010 Konto: 903 347 2134

IBAN: DK88 2000 903 347 2134


Pilot Tango is a private pilotage company, fully certified by the Danish authorities to conduct transit pilotage through Danish Straits, pilotage to various roads and ports in conjunction with “Route Tango”, and Deep-Sea pilotage in the Baltic Sea.

Pilot Tangowas started by three senior pilots, who set out to offer Healthy, Safe, Economical and High-Quality pilotage through the Danish Straits. We operate under our own HSEQ -system, where we through various procedures, strive to meet the high standards expected by our customers, the authorities and our self.

Our pilots are Senior Pilots without limitations and have a wide experience as Master Mariners and as Pilots of a variety of ship-types, -sizes and -speeds. We look forward to service your ship Safely and economically through the Danish Straits.